Exhibition and Store Design


Woolworths, Easter Show

Designed within one and a half working days at Van Den Berg Design Team, Sydney for further development by team members. The brief emphasised the need to convey freshness, good food and support for Australian farmers. Rolling green pastoral hills soften the shape of the stand, are layered and illuminated to suggest depth. Alcoves in the wall present facts about various produce, illustrated by light box photographs and close up, stylised displays of produce. The large digital mural on the back wall has a landscape of food along its base and features ‘The Story of Apple’ - a product featured in the Woolworths TV advertisements - from tree to you. Stand utilises the Octanorm system, plasma TV screens, and computer interactives.

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Initial Concept

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Finished Stand

While the final product at first glance differs from the initial concept, it should be noted some of the motifs made into the final design:
pastoral hills, as graphics and as form integral to stand; thickness of wall enhanced by a lightbox lit, close up, produce photograph; curved pelmet; positioning of counter and information to create a functional traffic flow.